Kid’s Clothes Week

Don’t Needle the Seamstress….

First off… let me apologize. There’s no fun pictures for this post… Just a lot of information and a lot of links. If you follow the links, THEY have lots of pictures.

I promise.

Now. On to bloggy goodness!

So every year, there’s this sew along…  It’s not a contest. Well, I think it might be, but I’m sort of confused on that this year… There’s no winners. No losers. It’s just a lot of folks who sew all over the world committing to sew for a week.

One hour.

Every day.

For seven days.

I know, I know. It was last week. Technically, it does look like I missed it again. But, I promise I didn’t! I really did sew quite a bit last week… on pattern tests. For patterns that haven’t been released yet.

I just can’t show them to you!

I’m working on my PhD in sewing. Projects Half Done.

KCW happens four times a year. In the spring, we get ready for summer. In the summer, we get ready for fall. In the fall, we get ready for winter. And in the winter, we get ready for spring….

Or something like that…

I’ve never participated before this year. (I have planned on participating for years but life always seems to get in the way. Okay, so fine. You got me. I’m also REALLY lazy with the attention span of a gnat. So cut me some slack, mkay? kay. great. 🙂  Thanks!)

Dear Fabric Store Clerk:  Please don’t ask me what I’m making. I’m running out of code words for it’s going in my fabric stash.

I’ve bought several new PDF patterns recently so I’m really excited. First, though, I want to use some of the uber cute patterns I’ve had laying about taking up gb’s on my computer hard drive!

This is what I’m intending to work on this week. At least, this is what’s planned.

I’m finishing up shorts for a pattern test and a top to go with them. (This is already done, and I’m adding pictures to the post for that outfit as soon as I’m done posting this one..)

My little ginger Monkey is getting has already gotten the Love Me Knot shorts by Get Your Crap Together Designs and the Izzy top by Climbing the Willow.  They’re in the next post.

She’s also getting the 4 Way Baby Dress in the Open Back Pinafore option by Tie Dye Diva and the Bubble Shorts by Do Guincho. (I actually have just the open back top pattern. I bought it as part of a bundle of retiring patterns before they were updated. It looks like the 4-Way dress is the updated version?) The bubble shorts will be a white cotton twill with tiny little fingerprint sized strawberries embroidered all over. The top will be reversible, of course, in kelly green with tiny dots for the outside. It’ll get an heirloom strawberry applique on it in the center of her chest. The inside will be red and white gingham, but no embroidery or applique. I have been saving hoarding this strawberry twill for over a year. Now I’m really glad I did!

I’m working on 2 outfits for my sweet sister’s niece, Bella. Kerri asked me to make her  Aesthetic Nest’s summer outfit with the flutter sleeve top and bloomers. (You can find it here.) She picked out a really bright summer plaid in teals and golds and corals with chambray for the bloomer/shorts. I can’t wait! I have this pattern cut out and waiting! Just need to get time to sew it!

And, lastly, I’m working on two outfits for my adorable niece, Doodlebug. She’s getting  Aesthetic Nest’s angel sleeve dress. (You can find it here.) I haven’t picked a fabric for this one yet. I’m thinking something really pretty and girly for her. I’m also making her Monkeys Bug Designs   Ruffled Crossover swing top and Ashbury Ruffled Capris.  For this one, I’m planning to use some really pretty floral fabric… daisies in golds and corals and pale washed out reds. It makes me think of sunsets in the south in the summer… *swoon* I’m going to make the ruffled capris out of a nice deep, dark denim. I’m also planning to alter the ruffled part just a bit. I’m not a huge fan of those overly huge ruffles on the ends of pants for little girls. They remind me of really over done bell bottoms. So I’ll be making shorter ruffles on a lengthened capri leg. They’ll be the same length when I’m done, just with more leg and less ruffle. I’ll also likely make the ruffle a little tighter so that it looks like an intentional ruffle.

Most of these are patterns that I’ve had hanging around for a while. I’m excited to finally have the time to make them and someone to wear them! I’m really hoping to get my little Etsy shop back up and running at some point! And also to be able to have enough stock to put up a little stall at the Farm Market this summer. I can’t think of anything that would be more fun!

So… Stay tuned! There’s lots of neat things in the works!


Love, Melle

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