SewVery Pretty: The SewVery Sunny Dress and Top

Recently, I had the opportunity to test the SewVery Sunny dress and top for Veronica Lovern of SewVery.

One of my sweet blondie sisters! As beautiful outside as they are inside.
Introducing Lexi! One of my sweet blondie sisters! As beautiful outside as they are inside.This is View A, in the top length. It features a face-framing neck ruffle.

Veronica is a really talented designer. I’ve stalked followed her blog for a while now, admiring her skills as a seamstress. As a designer, Veronica does not disappoint. A southerner like myself, Veronica, unlike me (see here and here), learned to sew at the knee of her grandmother and mom. While she earned a degree in Civil Engineering (a woman after my own kiddo’s heart), she retired from airport design/planning to resurrect her mom’s old Bernina (jealous…..) and began sewing for her sweet, adorable Ella. The Sunny Top and Dress pattern is her first pattern to be released for sale. One of many, many more, I hope!

The Sunny Top and Dress features two necklines and two lengths. The Dress length, obviously, and the top length, obviously. It could also easily be lengthened to a tunic length, I think. That would be especially nice for fall, to add a long sleeve tee or turtleneck underneath and some tights. A year round top! I plan on making an outfit featuring this with the turtleneck and tights, soon. I’ll make sure and post about it when I do.

I love that the sides wrap far enough around that they're modest.. Especially for older girls. I know a lot of moms and dads will appreciate that modesty also.
I love that the sides wrap far enough around that they’re modest.. Especially for older girls. I know many moms and dads will appreciate that modesty also.

I found the pattern to be well written, with clear images that allow even a new seamstress to get busy making an adorable piece to add the the wardrobe of their favorite little girl. You’d never guess it’s her first official pattern release. I’ve tested for a lot of designers. First time patterns are rarely this well-written. You can tell that she takes her passion for clothing design and sewing very seriously. She’s been doing tutorials and pattern hacks for forever. But this is the first time she’s drafted her own pattern, start to finish. She was a joy to work with during testing, and I look forward to testing for her again. (If she forgives me for releasing my blog late! hehe)

My other sweet blondie sister. You can see that even without the ruffle, it's a sweet neckline.
Introducing Aubree, my other sweet blondie sister. You can see that even without the ruffle, View B makes a sweet neckline.

Now, you all know, I didn’t get blessed with a sweet little bundle of rosebuds and sugar. I got a stinky boy, who’s now a stinkier teenage. *pee-ewe* So I’ve had to go out and hunt down sweet little girls from my niece’s play date group. I keep Ginger Monkey during the week and go on the play dates, so thankfully the moms all know I’m not just some creeper when I ask to photograph their girls. LOL  So from now on, you’ll be seeing a lot more faces around here! (And better pictures! My mom sent me birthday/Christmas money around my birthday and I bought myself a pretty new DSLR camera. Can you say gadget love?)

Anyway, I finished the tops. The first one, the one Miss Lexi is wearing, took me about an hour, maybe an hour-twenty minutes. That includes printing and cutting out the pattern. The way Veronica has set up the pieces, it’s a cinch to get them lined up and cut out so that you can get to the fun part! Sewing!

The way it frames the face just makes the top, I think.
Ginger Monkey in the ruffle from View A.T he way it frames the face just makes the top, I think.

The second top, I made using View B, which didn’t have the neck ruffle. That’s really nice as many kids don’t like fussy-fussy stuff around their necks. I will say, on View A, the top for Lexi, I did make a user error on the neckline. So my ruffle is not the length that the pattern calls for. The pattern has a longer ruffle that’s very pretty. View B has the same neckline without that ruffle. I think that both make sweet face-framing tops, drawing the eyes up to their beautiful blue skies eyes.

The back of these little tops! *swoon*
The back of these little tops! *swoon*

Special thanks to my friend, their momma, Ammber T. for letting me photograph them! We had a fun photo shoot and I’ve included more pictures at the end of that shoot.

the straps in back can also be criss crossed
the straps in back can also be crisscrossed

Before I had my shoot with Aubree and Lexi, I did a quick fit testing on my own sweet Ginger Monkey niece, Aubrey. You can see on her that the straps in back don’t have to reach straight down. They can also be crisscrossed across the back. I love this feature! Options are always a fabulous extra goodie when you’re sewing something up!

The tops I made for Lexi and Aubree were so well received, that I simply couldn’t stop. Digging through my stash, I found a piece of navy quilting cotton with bright red cherries on it. As it was mid-July and the height of our Michigan summer, I couldn’t resist. especially as we haven’t exactly had all that much summer this year! So, I contacted another mommy friend, Rhiannon G, and asked if I could use her little doll, Lilyann to practice my fledgling photography skills on and got to work. I planned to surprise them with my Michigan Cherry Picking dress!

That little ruffle just kills me.
That little ruffle just kills me.To tell how fast this dress went together, I literally slept until noon that Sunday. I got up, had breakfast with the fam, and printed the pattern in the 3T. I met them for their photo shoot at a park half an hour away at 5pm. And I even had make up on!
Perfect for playing at the park when made in quilting weight cottons!
Perfect for playing at the park when made in quilting weight cottons!

Miss Lilyann is a spunky little 3-year-old, I have to tell you. We spent about an hour taking around three hundred pictures. (I was also doing family pictures for them!) And we had the best time. A real trooper to the end, when I turned her loose on the playground.

Many of the patterns that are available for us to make for our kids, are decidedly fancy. I certainly wouldn’t put a toddler in pettiskirts to go play in the dirt. That’s just asking for trouble and disappointment when the dress is ruined. And not that I haven’t seem some poor girl trying to maneuver the slide in her pettiskirts. But I can’t in good faith do that. So one thing that was very important to me was that this dress be *playable.* I wanted a dress that with the addition of some bike shorts of leggings was completely ready for the playground.

Mission accomplished.

The Sunny Day top and dress has two neckline options–with and without the ruffle–and two length options–dress and top. It would be nothing to go right between the dress and top length lines and make a tunic length that would be perfect for wearing over leggings for cooler days and nights of late summer, early fall. It would easily accommodate a tee or turtleneck underneath and with tights and boots, omgosh. Can you say perfect winter ensemble? I can’t wait to work on that version for you!

This week, Veronica will the Sunny Dress and Top pattern on sale in her shop. Using the code Sunny20, you can save 20%! But only through Friday!

She’s also very generously giving away a copy of her pattern! Make sure to enter using the rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you can’t wait until then to get started on this adorable dress, I certainly can’t blame you. Just click here!


We’d all love for you to go have a little look-see at all the other amazing Sunny Dresses and tops the testers came up with! You won’t be disappointed and you’ll see all the amazing talent I was surrounded with that made testing this pattern for her so much fun!




disclaimer, because the IRS or FTC or some government bureaucracy:
I received a copy of the completed pattern as it was released in exchange for my testing the pattern for her. All my thoughts on the pattern, Veronica, and other testers are my own. 🙂 I potentially could be bought, but I’m considerably more expensive than a pattern. hehe.

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  1. Melle, I love this, and I mean not only the Sunny tops you made but also your post! You had me smiling and laughing all the way through, especially with your disclaimer! I’m so glad you are feeling better and were able to put this together for the tour. You are lucky to have so many beautiful little girls to serve as your muses! Thanks again for being a terrific tester and for reviewing the pattern!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed testing and getting to know you! I look forward to doing more with you in the future!

      And yes! I’m extremely lucky! I put out a call in the play date group and had SO many responses! hehe Lucky for me, little girls are pretty much ALWAYS beautiful!

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