Kids Clothing Week April 2014: Summoning Spring

She loves them, she loves them… knot?

the love me knot shorts
the fit of these short’s was spot on!

Chelsea from Get Your Crap Together Designs recently invited me to test her newest pattern. The Love Me Knot shorts.  And I do. I love those knots! These little shorts remind me of vintage shorts from the 50’s. The sweet little knots and ties hanging down sweet chubby baby and toddler thighs. *sigh* So cute. So, so cute.

Because it’s Kids Clothing Week, I am TOTALLY taking advantage of this pattern test and considering it a project! It’s like it just fell in my lap that this week I am SUPER busy with clothes for the little people in my world. 🙂

The Neverending….Winter?

little farmhouse in the city
I do love our little farmhouse. Whether it’s surrounded by lush greens of the trees and grass and the flowers I kill every summer on the porch, or the sparkly white wonderland of winter.

Here in Western Michigan, we’ve been getting hammered by the never-ending winter since… what? Thanksgiving? I couldn’t even remember when we last saw grass! Even brown, dead grass. Much less actual green grass.

Make no mistake, ours isn’t by any stretch lush and plush like a velvety green carpet yet. But hey. There’s no SNOW on top of it, so I’m pretty stoked with just being able to see the stomped down, muddy roots that will become grass at some point. (Hopefully before winter gets here again…. Because… Winter.)

It Must Have Been Magic…

Well, since these shorts started testing, several of us have seen winter retreat from our part of the country (even someone in Canada.) So we have given Chelsea a new name, thanks to her magic  spring summoning wonder shorts.

The Spring Whisperer.

a spring teaser
we had a few days of warmth after a very, very long winter, so we have taken advantage of it. the little ginger monkey and i have spent the warm days outside soaking up the sunshine!

So anyway… because I’m as flaky as a biscuit some days and I got off topic…

Chelsea sent us this pattern for these ADORBS shorts. I searched through my stash for the perfect fabrics that I had coordinates and trim for… I came up with this adorable polka dots and floral combo that I also just happened to have stashed hoarded the bias tape for. And they came out just as I imagined. So.Stinking.Cute.

love me knots, round one
so yeah. anybody need a size 12 months pair of uber cute shorts? hmu!

But here’s the thing, girls. Lean in. Grab a coffee. Because I have an important sewing lesson for you that you will not soon forget.

You know how sometimes you don’t have your measuring tape so you grab a piece of yarn and wrap it around the body part you need measured, stick some washi around the end so you know what in the world body part each piece of yarn even goes to, and then later, you grab your measuring tape or ruler and figure out what each piece measures?

Well. That doesn’t work with notebook paper. You cannot take a piece of paper, fold it in a million tiny folds and then hold it up or wrap it around a body part and try to guess what that length is. It doesn’t work.

lmn don't fit!
so hubbs takes an afternoon off to hang out with us so i can get pictures and wrangle her in an open public space, only the shorts, the star of the event? they don’t fit…

So poor Chelsea. I told her I could do the 12 month size. bwahahaha. Yeah. No. I had to shake poor Monkey into these things. Like… Hubbs held her arms, I yanked and tugged them as far up over her little tiny chunky monkey toddler thighs and then while he held her steady I jiggled her until she sort of… well. Fell into them.

We were at the park, too. In public. Middle of the day. So I can ONLY imagine what passers-by thought as we held a tiny defenseless person up and gave them the shake down.


The Story of My Life

the love me knot shorts are definitely loved!
they’re a good fitting, cute, perfect for daily wear, shorts that will be worn and played in all summer!

Thankfully, Chelsea had another go-round with these shorts and I got another chance at getting them right screwing them up. I dug around in the recesses of the boxes and bins where my fabric is being stored during the Never Ending Renovations. (May 23 marks one year. Not a single room, y’all. Not one. But that’s an electric, plumbing, insulating, structural-who-needs-a-load-bearing-wall-anyway story for another day.)

I finally found several yards of a brilliant cobalt blue cotton and a creamy white cotton with blue birds and music notes on it. (The bird fabric was given to me by my mom. My name is Melodie and I used to sing at church and at weddings, so… song birds.) Anyway. I didn’t have any trim this time, and I sure as h-e-double-hockeysticks wasn’t making that much bias tape by hand. So I started to think thrifty, I mean brain storming.  Okay, fine. I was looking around to see what I could make do with at 3 am.

And the Gold Medal Goes to….

once we got the right fit, though, she loved them!
once we had the right size made, the little ginger monkey loved them. 🙂 you know it’s good when they don’t want to take it off, right?

And this time at least… it worked.

I modified the pattern a tiny bit. I used the 24 months pattern, but shortened it an inch. This also made that little cut out a bit smaller, but on her short little legs, this actually looked better. I also took an inch off the waist elastic, using the 18 months waist measurement . She’s not chubby. She’s solid. Like an itty bitty Mary Lou Retton.

And instead of that bias tape I wasn’t willing to make/was too lazy to make/was too unwilling to drive around hoping for an exact color match to in packaged bias tape, I found a roll of white crochet lace hidden in a bin.

*queue angels singing*

She Shoots, She Scores!

monkey and the puppy
so the little ginger monkey loves them… and her new doggy…

I think they’re a BIG hit. Monkey for sure loves them. And there’s nothing so adorable as her chunky little toddler legs sticking out of those shorts with the lace and ribbon ties dancing in the wind behind her as she runs for all she’s worth in the sunshine that’s finally arrived…

Because Chelsea summoned spring.

Love, Melle

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